Sunday, December 2, 2018

Journey with Children as Evergreens of Hope: #AdventWord Day 1

Beginning my annual digital discipline for Advent with AdventWord. Check out this public and interactive social media Advent calendar that invites you to post daily images and reflect on sacred words for the four week pilgrimage to Christmas. 
Youth and children, in many ways, are evergreens of hope, forever sprouting up in each and every age. On the journey of faith, they dare older generations to trust they just may have the new trimmings of possibilities and decor of the gospel able to speak into our time and place in ways we may have never previously imagined. In their collective questions and curiosities, passions and inquisitive hearts and minds, they drag with them a sense of wonder about how the world can and should and just may become more whole and good and fair and kind. Young people even invite us along on the new leg of the journey, nevertheless reminding us they are equipped and called to lead- even in and especially because of their youthfulness. And this is the beauty of the Christmas story, a little child should lead them, be it Mary or young shepherds, even the Christ child. Dare we begin our Advent journey with a commitment to trust the wisdom and playfulness of the youngest among us, to follow their leading, and in this way light up the world.