Sunday, December 13, 2020

Go: #AdventWord Day 15

Wherever you go there is the chance to encounter holy witnesses to the goodness of humanity. Yesterday’s walk in a local park was no different. As we made our way up the hill to a favorite spot, we saw a random Christmas ball hanging from a tall pine.

Then another.

And another.

And another.

Endless trees were marked with single seasonal spheres and reflected the natural surroundings. A few ceramic stars danced from branches, too. We are not sure if the ornaments were hung by park caretakers or strangers (read: elves) on their own hike. The holy is also in the mystery. We do know there was a coordinated effort by the local park to hang beautiful butterfly ornaments on trees that lined the final stretch of the trail, each donated in honor of an essential worker during COVID. These present day heroes go to the frontlines of the ongoing battle against this pandemic to serve those most impacted. The love of God is found in their work, too. This Advent, wherever you go, keep those eyes and ears open to the signs of God with us. Maybe you are the very vessel God will incarnate this love come down at Christmas- quite possibly secretly and without recognition.