Saturday, December 12, 2020

Honey: #AdventWord Day 14


When you think about it, that is exactly what honey is- and it tastes so very good. Honey is nature’s sweetener, yet the process of becoming such deliciousness is, well, beautifully “organic.” The production of honey is critical to our ecosystem, from floral pollination to the busy hive to the intricate comb to the keeper’s harvest. Bees are tiny yet essential workers; yet their existence is increasingly vulnerable due to human ignorance, negligence, and abuse of the creation. 

I love this painting by local artist, Jen Kasitz of City Bird Art. We purchased a collection of her unique prints through a benefit for a great organization that promotes education equity, empowerment, and entrepreneurialism of youth from Coatesville to Liberia- Hope Beyond Borders. I love how Kasitz’ captures the simplicity, delicacy, and honesty of the honeybees- creatures that make sweetness out of regurgitated nectar. It is no wonder honey was a staple in the diet of prophets like John the Baptist. The prophets were called to spew honest yet sometimes harsh words in efforts to call people back to the sweetness of God’s intention for a world beautiful and good, where the created and Creator danced in rhythm. This is often the work of artists, too. We need their essential contributions in our time and season, as they call us over and again to look honestly at life, systems, creation, institutions, and the powers that be. This Christmas, in light of our current socio-economic climate, find a way to support these artists whose voices are vital to making sweetness out of the never-ending emesis that has been this pandemic.