Monday, December 14, 2020

Rest: #AdventWord Day 16

What’s your outlet? What practice reminds you life is more than a dead end? 

Over the last five years, mine has been running. Two half marathons, multiple Ten-Mile Broad Street Runs, and countless 5k races for local charities in the books. I have pushed through injuries and endured local routes with little flat terrain. I have learned the value of pace setting and controlled breathing, compression pants and good shoes, scenic routes and a solid playlist. The last nine months, though, have not been kind to my runs. My distances have declined and times slowed. My body has ached and motivation has wavered. There is a physiological reality to running, and when the mind is weary the impact transfers everywhere else, too. 

So at the end of December, I will be committing to the discipline of rest. I will take a five-week sabbath from running to let my body and mind heal. I will also explore a different outlet to stay fresh until I lace up again. After all, to rest is not to quit, but to remember we are not machines. Resting is the sacred settling and holy pause in preparation for the days ahead. God knew what God was doing when sabbath was commanded. People of this generation need rest now maybe more than ever. What’s your rhythm of rest? Find it. Take it. Don’t excuse it away, knowing Sabbath was practiced even in the midst of oppressive exile.