Friday, August 26, 2016

#PresbyIntersect Goes Lectionary in Ordinary Time: Storified Conversation on Intersection of Luke, Hebrews, and Jeremiah

Over the last eight weeks or so, there has been a group of Presby nerds, ministry practitioners, ecumenical leaders, and a mosaic of faithful people eager to engage in conversations related to the intersection of faith, life, church, and where and how the church is called to bear witness in the midst of an increasingly polarized world.

#Presbyintersect is the room where it is happening and foodie photos are on the house.

In recent weeks, #presbyintersect has engaged topics that range from the reality of police brutality to trauma informed ministry of presence, power dynamics in church and society to fishbowl conversations with allies, advocates, and activists. This week, Fernando Rodriguez QuiƱones and I facilitated conversations on the Revised Common Lectionary for this 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Spirit did not disappoint, as Jeremiah, Hebrews, and the Gospel of Luke provided more than enough intersectional conversations that hinged on the living and active word.

For those of you looking for a quick wrap-up of the conversation, check out this week's Storify. Then join us next Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. EST.  I may even post a picture of a good drink on the house.