Monday, July 25, 2016

A Unison Prayer of Confession Based on Psalm 85

A Unison Prayer of Confession Written for Worship on July 24, 2016

God of grace, throughout the ages
     you have extended forgiveness and favor upon your people.
You have turned aside anger 
     and offered love to those you made to reflect the same. 
Yet we are a people who have forsaken your way,
     we reflect hatred not love
     we reflect violence not peace
     we reflect power not equity
     we reflect division not unity.
     show us your steadfast love, O Lord.
     Revive us.
     Lead us to the way of deliverance. 

Where we sow greed, 
     lead us to be stewards of fairness. 
Where we reap privilege,     
     lead us to be agents of opportunity for the other.
 Where we harbor hostility,
     lead us us to be witnesses of welcome. 
Where we linger in fear,
    lead us to comfort so we can comfort others. 
When we doubt your faithfulness,
     nudge us forward until the day comes
     when justice and peace kiss each other.

When we fail to follow,
     neglect our neighbors,
     and are naive to our own sin,
     may your faithfulness spring up from the ground and 
          forgive us.
May we offer the same to others,
    through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.