Sunday, December 9, 2018

To Be Wild Is to Be Holy: AdventWord Day 8


This little one is fierce. She is wild and independent and reckless and unapologetic about her curiosity. At two years old, her wreckless approach to life is both a joy to witness and a handful to manage; it cannot be contained, merely supervised. 

While the craziness of our youngest makes life exhausting and occasionally dangerous, we dare not squash the zealous energy, for to be wild is to be holy, in rhythm with the movement of God’s Spirit. This Wild Spirit pushes limits, tests boundaries, and is unapologetic about moving beyond social constructs and privileged norms, to resurrect the improbable and impossible and extend the wide welcome of the gospel. Indeed, wildness is a marker of God’s kingdom come and will being done. So be wild, my little girl. Never let the rest of us temper your propensity to mirror your Maker.