Saturday, December 8, 2018

Horses as Alert & Woke Channels of God's Grace: AdventWord Day 7


Horses are among the most attentive and alert of God’s creatures. As I have learned from my spouse’s work as an equine therapist, these large animals are hyper vigilant and able to pick up on tensions and fears, conflicts and apprehensions, even the kindness and goodness of their surroundings. It is said that horses can sense the human heartbeat four feet away. 
Yes, horses are woke, which makes them excellent partners in the art of human healing and therapy. In being so alert, although large and initially intimidating, horses become avenues of genuine compassion and companions in transformation. We have much to learn from these wondrous creatures. If our alertness can mirror at least a fraction of their attentiveness to others and the spaces around us, we just may be become similar channels of love and grace able to ease a wounded world.

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