Monday, September 25, 2023

You Are a Perennial


Last week I posted, in distress, “consider the lilies of the fields."
And I did just that.
I walked to my front yard and looked at the lily in my front flower bed. No more blooms. A brown branch remained.
I shared this over dinner, with a layer of cynicism. Amber responded, with classic eyes rolled, "it's not dead. It's just changing. New growth returns in the spring."
Mind. Blown.
I think there is a reason the imagery of the Sage was lilies in the field not sunflowers.
And I love sunflowers.
Still, sunflowers are annuals. They die. Lilies are perennials. They have bulbs. They return to a fresh form of beauty each year. They cycle through their growth.
My friends, in this fall season, may you see yourself and how you lead not as dead and dying, but changing. Look for the signs of growth that will give way to a new emergence of goodness and beauty.
You are a perennial.