Sunday, February 6, 2022

Sunday Mornings Are for Everything and Nothing

Sunday mornings are for 
scrambling eggs
or puzzling 
sitting with a good book
by an ancient mystic 
whose words are maddening and mindful
calling you to the center of life’s castle 
and ponder the silkworm

Sunday mornings are for breaking bread
and sipping juice
gathering around a table 
to color 
maybe pray 
and listen to littles share their favorite story
from the Good Book 
or last night’s animated film

Sunday mornings are for sleeping in
or rising early 
to walk or run longer and slower 
to grab the favorite blanket 
or kneel in front of lacquered pew
or sit beneath a tree
with feet kissing the ground 
to anchor the spirit in its earthen origins 
and eternal endings 

Sunday mornings are for everything
and nothing 
gathering and resting 
in liturgy wherever you might find it 
able to carry you into renewed meaning 
for the Mondays ahead