Thursday, February 4, 2021

Don't Carry It All: A Poem for Anxious and Wearied Ones

by the thought of it all
and our call
so we fear
and we stall
to do anything
pondering everything
as if the world depended upon one

it does not
do hear 
as a whisper
so clear
right here
you cannot carry it all
that was never your call 
to you 
or anyone other

find one thing
that makes your heart sing
by the love you bring
where you are
right here
in the now
is how you will find
you at your best
and your mind at rest
from trying to overcome it all
that was never your call

*written on April 19, 2019, adapted for time of pandemic and with Isaiah 40:31 in mind. 

Photo above taken by my son, Noah (9), with iPhone 11 at Longwood Gardens. The blur speaks to the unsteadiness of a child's hand, which is also so very capable of capturing beauty and wonder.