Saturday, December 19, 2020

Turn: #AdventWord Day 21

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I have unapologetically posted a lot of my kids lately. Frankly, in light of all things pandemic, they have been my entire world. Literally. They have been my co-workers and classmates, students and mess makers, snugglers and toilet cloggers, demanding customers and tech support, beloveds and pain in the...

But we belong to each other and this one has made the turn to FOUR. She is ferociously fierce and wildly independent. Her imagination runs unhinged and her boundaries are impenetrable. Our youngest is determined and resilient and has reminded us each morning is a brand new chance to get at it. Our four-year-old does not ease into the day; she attacks the new round of 24.
Advent is the beginning of the Christian year. Advent and, more so, Christmas is when we hone in on life’s newest beginnings- a child laid in a manger. This year, the turn of the calendar may be more welcome than any previously encountered. We long for 2020 to be over and a new one to bring fresh hope and possibilities, relief and just maybe the coming together again. I know I don’t want to celebrate another Christmas in isolation. I also don’t want to celebrate her fifth birthday apart from her friends and family. So here’s to the liturgical pivot we make this December. May it bring a turn toward healing and justice, reconciliation and community, social gatherings and real hugs, and a whole lot of vaccines, too. I’m ready to attack the next 365 with the fierce resilience I have learned from our child...and the One who was laid in the manger, too.
“My heart shall sing of the day you bring/ Let the fires of your justice burn/ Wipe away all tears/ For the dawn draws near/ And the world is about to turn!” (Canticle of Turning)