Thursday, December 24, 2020

Proclamation: #AdventWord Day 26


On this Christmas Eve, things are so very different. It is weird and a layer of sadness lingers in the separation from all that usually occurs on this not-so-silent night. Yet, I am taking comfort in proclamations of God with us not only in virtual worship services, but also makeshift sanctuaries like the local hospital where I went for blood work. I saw and heard first-hand testaments to Immanuel as nurses and medical personnel shared of their experiences receiving the vaccination just around the corner from my appointment.  While the strangeness of a quarantined Christmas is real, I am all the more grateful and lift endless prayers for those who have worked tirelessly- even this night- for the health and well-being of all of us. They have been shepherds of love, magi of hope, and proclamations of good news that we are not alone in the human struggle. Thanks be to God!  Merry Christmas!

Here’s a poem written in light of being deeply, yet unexpectedly, moved yesterday. 


It was like church

the hospital entrance

made vaccination distribution center

I wanted to linger longer

in my lobby chair

as nave pew

to take in the energy

savor the work of the people

collective vibes of hope

I had not felt in so long

to witness relief on its way

proclamations of a new day

so very close

the waiting room 

for simple bloodwork

became to me 

a new narthex of masked fellowship

as front line workers

emergency personnel

nurses and administrators

greeted one another

pointed to their arms 

sacramental injection locales

of the first round of the


calls to celebrate and

litanies of joy lifted 

by those who pilgrimaged 

through the trauma

passing the peace with their eyes

as the wise affirm 

the courage and privilege to receive 

the first dose 

the days will be darker still

confessions and laments

the war is not over

though this battle won

we hear their proclamations

good news in shared laughter

of those who have shed

so many tears

bearing the hopes and fears

of all this year

now a choir of  joy and life

affirmations of faith

in the night

as I walked out

I offered words of gratitude

silent prayers of solidarity and 

petitions for God with Us still 

all the while wearing 

a mask as benediction 

in the midst of the affliction 

encouraged for the road ahead

go in peace

with an end now, 

just barely, 

in sight