Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Patient: #AdventWord Day 10

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This candle says it all. In light of present realities, we may find ourselves at the end of our proverbial wicks and struggling to remain illuminated. Patience may be burned down before the day even begins. You are not alone.

I have always cringed when someone has said to me, just be patient. Even worse, in the midst of trauma, that well-intentioned person who naively claims, “God is teaching you patience.” Neither of these work for me. I don’t think there is much theological validation, let alone human decency, for these platitudes either. Patience is not taught or achieved; patience is practiced and, frequently, begrudgingly endured. The patience of God is like the friend who sits with you in the silence of your grief, offering presence over trite answers, hoping against hope that the way things are will not always be. This Advent, patiently waiting may look more like sitting in this kind of solidarity, holding space for the raw rants of frustration and sorrow and daring to believe God is with us in the madness of it all. It’s ok if your wick of patience is burned down and out and you struggle to stay lit. Let other candles patiently hold the light for and alongside you.

**Today, my prayers are especially with those who have patiently endured isolation longer than most, for older adults and those with vulnerable medical conditions. You are loved.