Thursday, December 17, 2020

Learn: #AdventWord Day 19

This is how we learn in 2020. Tablet. Robe. Extension cord. Zoom. Pajama bottoms if off screen. While in person cannot and should not be replaced, our kids’ need for social interaction more apparent than ever, the virtual platforms have been holy gifts for education and formation in the midst of all things COVID. 

Thank you teachers!

They have also been the avenues to learn about and participate in social movements of our day, explore the beauty of our human connection across the globe, worship and partake in the sacraments, see loved ones most vulnerable to the disease while at a safe distance, and view historical moments in a year that has taken its toll on all of us. We have also learned resilience, modeled best by our children and youth of this generation. 

One of my favorite parts of the Advent pilgrimage is the emphasis on generations and the basic assumption that the faithful have passed this sacred story down throughout the ages. Salvation history was learned and God’s promises clung to with faith and courage, mystery and anticipation, and a fair share of wonder if God would ultimately come through on behalf of God’s beloved creation. The way this story was passed on took resilience and innovation, memory and trust in the midst of the struggles, oppressions, griefs, and turmoil of every age. The same holds true today as we continue to be “like those who dream” (Psalm 126) of God’s promised deliverance once and for all. So learn well in the midst of the madness, hold on hope tight-knuckled, the next generation will need to know of God’s faithfulness, too. What they learn from us can have a lasting impact on their imaginations and dreams.