Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Polyphony of Persistence: On Birds and Machines

The sounds
they have been clearer
these days
a polyphony of persistence
by creatures with resilience 
who make themselves known
each their own language
of connection and cultivation
being what they were
meant to be 

O the sounds, listen
can you hear
their chorus and anthems
though ever-present, timeless
already are beginning 
to be muffled and muted
by our trafficking machines
their intrusive, abrasive
polyphony of persistence 
oppressive melody

still, the sounds of creation
a declaration to their Creator
mixed with sounds of automations
proclamations of our power
though loud, they be young
void of seasoned, ancient
found in the birds of the air
mechanisms of arrogance
naive to their temporal nature
will fade soon enough
and the songs of the birds
will go on 

in a polyphony of resistance