Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Stay Awake: #PoetryforLent 3

stay awake
keep those bright
beautiful eyes
wide open
don’t fall asleep
to despair
though the isolation
makes relief through slumber
feel as though 
eyes tightly shut 
is the only escape 
a break from this new reality
that feels more 
like a dream 
as we wait for the kick to come
keeping those eyes shut 
longer still
wanting to awaken
and this all over
the world returned 
as we remembered
and loved

stay awake 
dear ones
keep those bright 
visions beyond fear
wide open
though memories of
what once was
may be easier to remember 
in the sleep 
where we freely connect 
and embrace
and social distance 
is overcome 
not prescribed as practice
Yes and
stay awake
the day will not be 
by the night