Friday, December 13, 2019

Water: #AdventWord Day 13

One of the more sacred moments of my life was when I dipped my feet into the Sea of Galilee and stood in the same water upon which Jesus walked. A similar rush came when I drew water from Jacob’s Well, where Jesus asked for a drink from a Samaritan woman. Each of these moments was only topped by bringing some of these waters home and playfully spritzing the heads of my kiddos and allowing each of them to take a sip from the same well where Jesus spoke of living waters.
There was a third kind of water of my pilgrimage, though, that I did not bring home- the Dead Sea. That water is nasty. Despite being warned, I managed to get some in my mouth, only to make it worse by trying to wipe it off my tongue. You do not drink Dead Sea water. Dead Sea water is not conducive to life. 
Living water. Dead Sea water. Today, I think of how many do not have access to consumable water. Whether remote villages around the globe or urban and rural communities in this nation, there are far too many places where the water our near and distant neighbors do have access to should not come anywhere near their lips. Yet, clean water should never be limited as a perk of the privileged. 
On this 13th day of #Advent, I am lifting prayers for all those who wait for living waters. I am also praying for those who devote their lives to dig wells, innovate filtration systems, and push legislators to ensure clean water is available to all. This is, for sure, a means to live out our vocation as those drenched by the sacramental waters of our #baptism
If interested, check out a great organization, Living Waters for the World: