Monday, December 2, 2019

Visit: #AdventWord Day 2

If Jesus were to visit us today, I think he would drive a VW Bus. Maybe an AstroVan (see one of my favorite songs by Mt. Joy). This is not a conviction held due to the quality of this particular make or model, but because of where I discovered this vintage vehicle. This past May, I visited Tent of Nations in the West Bank and learned the story of Daud Nassar and his family. The visit changed me and my understanding of life in the Holy Land, especially for the likes of Palestinian Christians. Daoud, a Palestinian Christian, lives on land his family has owned in the West Bank for well over 100 years. Presently, Israeli settlements are constructed all around them, suffocate the farm, and cut off the Nassar family from running water, electricity, and access to public roads connecting settlements on both sides of them. This is where the VW Bus comes in, parked on the hill due to such restrictions. Nevertheless, Daoud Nassar and his family reject intimidation and peacefully resist through remaining, grounded on the mantra, “we refuse to be enemies.” As our group of 30 plus pilgrims spent time with Tent of Nations, we could not help but see the face of Christ in the one whom we visited. After all, the very incarnation was a visitation of the Divine in the bodily form of an oppressed one in an occupied land. This Advent, in the midst of all sorts of visitations, dare we see the Christ child in those we encounter. May we especially see the image of Christ in those most exploited near and far and then work towards their liberation and peace. This may warrant a visit of our own to learn their stories firsthand. 

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