Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Who Grows Your Hops? AdventWord Day 10

From barley to hops, even your favorite IPA or stout requires growth and a process of harvesting. While not likely on your mind when enjoyed at a holiday party or solo fireside, there are real people that make the experience possible. This is even more true for the other brewed beverage- coffee and related beans. The same goes for our fruits and vegetables and more. Contrary to commercial consumerism, our food does not grow at thelocal grocery store. Instead, it are nurtured and nourished by those who often are not paid a fair wage and exploited in unjust labor conditions. Their stories are often unknown or left untold to ensure the cost of our hot roast or fresh fruit stays low, better said, the corporate profit margin stays high. 
So this Advent, say a prayer for all those who grow what you consume. Better yet, find a way to advocate for fair wages, trade, and working conditions that empower and sustain your neighbors who make your holiday food and drinks possible in the first place. #fairtrade #buylocal