Saturday, January 25, 2014

PCUSA Mission Co-Workers in South Sudan Interviewed on CNN

Ever since I watched God Grew Tired of Us with my friend Abraham Ayii, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, the African nation has always been at the forefront of my prayers and concern. So I was thrilled when I learned of the recent publicity of PCUSA Mission Co-Workers, Rev. Shelvis and Rev. Nancy Smith-Mather, called to work for reconciliation and peace in an interview with their friend Brooke Baldwin and CNN.

The young nation of South Sudan has continued to face internal violence, economic distress, and increasing concerns related to poverty, hunger, and socio-political infrastructure since declaring independence in 2011. I am grateful and encouraged by the work being done by World Mission and many others called to advocacy and peacemaking efforts. All reminders of the beautiful, faithful, complicated, and prophetic work being done by PCUSA World Mission near and far.

Please keep your prayers South Sudan, the Sudanese people, and all who work towards reconciliation, justice, education, and peace. For more information check out these links:

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