Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mumford and Sons & Not with Haste: Modern Psalms for Lenten Journey

I know, I am a fanatic of these British poets whose concerts sell out in nano seconds. I know this because I have tried and failed multiple times. But it's hard not to be when they provide rich lyrics and creative instrumentation.

This Sunday begins the annual series, Modern Psalms for the Lenten Journey, with Imago Dei Youth Ministry. Each week a song is selected that plucks the liturgical chords of our hearts and invites us to contemplate what the Spirit is up to during the sacred season. I thought it would be appropriate to begin, during a season when our rush to the empty tomb is slowed by the reminder of the cross, with Mumford's closing track on Babel- "Not with Haste."

Here are a few thoughts to ponder, feel free to post reflections:

1. How does this song speak to the season of Lent? How is Lent a means for God to "learn me hard and learn me right?"

2. What do you think is illustrated in the lyric, "this ain't no sham / I am what I am" and how does this pertain to Lent and the human experience?

3. What about this song bids us faint hope? How does this sustain us through our 40 days of Lent?

4. Consider listening to this song and then meditating upon a classic Lenten scripture, Psalm 51. How do they relate?

If interested, click here for lyrics.