Saturday, February 25, 2012

Over-Zealous and Over-Confident: My (Failed) Attempt to Ski Jump for the Gospel?

As I sit here typing, my right hip reminds me that my attempt at pulling some sort of X-Games move off the ramp in the terrain park at Bear Creek Mountain was not my best idea.  However, in my defense, this was a youth ministry ski trip.  So, I did this for Jesus, right?  

While I would love to write a blogpost that explores the theological implications of this crash and burn caught on film, I have come up empty.  I am sure that after a few days I will be able to generate some brilliant and "teachable moment."  But for now, I simply post this for pure entertainment.   Even better, maybe some relevant discourse can take place in the comment feed.  Fear not, as one of my students remarked, "all my dignity was left at the top of the mountain."  That said, nothing posted here can really do any more harm to my ego...

P.S. When I said I was giving up anxiety and worry for Lent....this is NOT what I meant!

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