Monday, July 5, 2010

Learning from the Scottish Youth

This week I have been immersed within the daily life of Broad Street Ministry as a part of our youth ministry missional experience. While I was excited for the week in community with our BSM family, I was particularly excited to spend the week with new friends from youth ministries in Scotland. After we exchanged cultural jokes about William Wallace (the movie completely ruins the historicity of the fight for freedom), accents (of which ours is far more interesting to hear mocked by a Scot), and who drives on the correct side of the road, I began to be intrigued by their questions and comments:
You have to pay for health care? That's crazy!

Americans love their government and leaders. (I explained it depended who you asked)

Your food portions are huge and inexpensive. Your cars are enormous compaered to ours.

Billboards are everywhere, constantly telling me to buy stuff. And when we are in stores people watch you and talk to you...kind of weird.

Your enthusiasm for everything is very interesting (I also mentioned this depends on who you talk to)

I have been reminded yet again that life is best lived in dialogue, especially with international youth. I look forward to our ongoing conversations, especially as they move towards faith and the church.